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Silent Suffering 

The Dispatch spent nine months examining the effects of a public-health crisis spawned in part by a broken mental-health-care system.  See the full story    November 2015 

Amy's Story

Suicide Survivors

Jill Feather talks about her daughter's life

Debbie Mayle and her four children, lost a husband and father when Tim committed suicide.

When Your Mind Betrays You

Unseen Signs

Cory Dobbelaere struggles with bipolar disorder.

Dale's suicide was a shock to his friends and family.

Being Complete

Nipple tattoos help women recovering from breast cancer feel whole again.

Produced for the Columbus Dispatch, 2015



Produced for the Columbus Dispatch,  2013 - 2014

Recyclable or Not?

What is being recycled, and what is sent to the landfill. 

See the full story at the Dispatch

Victorian Secrets

If the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had taken place 150 years ago, it might have resembled “Victorian Secrets: Lingerie From the Past.”  The Licking County Historical Society features  vintage corsets, nightgowns and petticoats — including some from the mid-1800s.

March 2015

Surviving Sepsis: always forward

Tim Wykle is determined to overcome the disease that kills more people than prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined each year.

Produced for the Columbus Dispatch, 2011

Lasting Legacies:

Subjects of one day's obituary pages. All gave something to others.  

Produced for the Columbus Dispatch, 2010

Samantha McCarthy, 11

Ralph Standley, 93

Mike Harden, 64

Life donor: Samantha McCarthy, 11

Samantha McCarthy was diagnosed at age 6 with Fanconi anemia, a blood disease that affects bone marrow. Some drugs being used in clinical trials worked for a while, but doctors told Nikki and Dan McCarthy that their only daughter would need a bone-marrow transplant.

Farmer, mentor: Ralph Standley, 93

He worked so tirelessly harvesting his beloved crops that his wife, Thelma, often would tote meals into the fields so he could eat on his combine; he was so dedicated that his family practically had to kidnap him for a vacation. It was fitting, then, that as Ralph Standley Jr. lay in bed the day he died, he asked whether Buddy Salyer - the man he entrusted with his land - was taking in the harvest, because the time was ideal. Yes, Standley's family assured him, Buddy was in the fields. "That's good," Standley said. And with that, he rested easy and soon passed from this world in peace.

Friend to thousands: Mike Harden, 64

Mike Harden spent 27 years as a columnist in Columbus inspiring readers and illuminating the lives of so many people he encountered. He often used his gift for writing to help those who had been overlooked.

Another Word for Prostitute: Victim

Three women tell their stories of human trafficking in Central Ohio.

Produced for The Columbus Dispatch, 2009.

Domestic Violence

Produced for The Columbus Dispatch, 2009.

L.A. Bike Messengers

On the streets with the L.A. bike messengers.

Produced for the Los Angeles Times, 2007.

Chanel Iman

Seeing both sides of the fashion model, Chanel Iman, 16. At home with her friends in Southern California and racing through NY Fashion Week.

Produced for the Los Angeles Times 2007.

My Irreverent Cells: an alternative fight against cancer

Midge O'Brien is an amazing women and I was so lucky to have been able to capture her story as she fought cancer through alternative means.

Produced in 2006